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General Questions

What information do I need to give you to prepare my website?

Once your account has been provisioned, you will receive an email detailing step-by-step what's needed to get your site going. Typical information includes text that you want on your site, any images you wish displayed and any contact information necessary for your visitors to contact you.

How long will it be before my new website is completed?

If you are signing up for one of our template packages, your website can be up in no more than a few days. If you desire a custom website, application or e-commerce store, then the project will vary depending upon the size and complexity of the website. The quantity of pages in the website, online stores, as well as custom layouts and programming work will all impact the length of the development. Once we have collected all content required to build your website, we will assign you a designer/developer who will contact you to set a date for the first draft of your website.

What do I need to do to update my site?

Site updates are handled by our website coordinators either via email or direct phone calls to the web design team.

What if I do not like the design of my site once you have finished?

Once the "Beta" version of your site has been uploaded for approval, you can view your website and request any changes. You may also make any recommendations you see fit and our website coordinators will complete the work request.

How can I add "meta-tags" to my site?

We offer a comprehensive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) package tailored to fit your needs. We will include meta tags at no extra charge and your website will be engineered to be search engine friendly.

What if I want more than your pre-designed layouts for my website?

We offer full solutions to get your site online. If you don't like any of our pre-designed layouts, a custom website can be designed to your specific requirements. You will have a dedicated designer and developer working with you to ensure your needs are addressed and to make sure you get the exact look and feel you want.

Domain Questions

What is a domain name?

A domain name is the text name used to find your website on the Internet. A domain name must be unique. Internet users find your website using your domain name. Every time a visitor accesses a page on the Internet, they are downloading the contents of your website. Example: (www.yourdomainname.com)

If you register a domain name, who owns it?

We own the rights for the domain name if we register it for you, however should you ever cancel your account with us you will own the rights for that domain name, for as long as you continue to pay the registration fees.

Email Questions

Once I get a new email address from 2EliteStudio, can I still use my old one?

Yes. You can still keep any of your old email addresses if you wish. After we configure a new email account for you, we can forward a copy of all emails to your old address.

Once I get my new email account, how do I check my emails?

After you get your new email account set up, 2EliteStudio will provide you with a link to our email webpage. You simply need to log in with the username and password that we will provide to you. You may then view all of your emails online as you would with a Hotmail or Yahoo account.

Do I need to use your webpage to view my emails?

No. If you prefer, you can use Outlook or any other mail client you wish. 2EliteStudio will provide you with step by step instructions to configure your email account.